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Address: 40,2 klm Attikis Str. 19002 Paiania



Contact Person: President of South East Europe: Maurizio De Dominicis

Founded in 1876, Ericsson is today the world’s leading provider of communications networks (2G, 3G and 4G), related services and multimedia solutions to fixed and mobile telecom operators globally. The company’s portfolio comprises of mobile and fixed network infrastructure, telecom services, software, broadband, and TV / multimedia solutions for operators, enterprises and the media industry, also owning a leading position in Managed Services.
Prime-driver in an all communicating world: Two billion subscribers are supported by Ericsson 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 40% of all mobile calls in the world are made through our systems. Through our joint ventures ST-Ericsson and Sony Ericsson, we are also a major provider of feature-rich personal mobile devices. We invest heavily in R&D with one of the industry’s most comprehensive intellectual property portfolios containing over 25,000 patents and we actively promote open standards and systems.
We Empower: Our works and innovation empower people, business and society. We aim to make people’s lives richer and easier, by providing affordable communication for all (voice, data, images and video to share ideas and information wherever and whenever) and enable new ways to do business.
We Turn to 21st Century Solutions: We see a future in which telecommunications form the basis of a 21st-century information-based infrastructure. Ericsson is advancing its vision of being the “prime driver” by offering solutions to e-government, utilities, e-health, energy and rich communications services, which increase productivity, economic efficiencies and above all citizens’ quality living
For a Sustainable Society: We are an essential part of a sustainable society, so we work constantly to improve the way we design and manufacture our products and solutions –materials, methods and processes– and to make them more efficient, in order to reduce the impact we and our industry have on the environment; to create a more sustainable planet; and empower people around the globe.
Social Responsibility: Ericsson actively supports the Millennium Development Goals, has put in place the worldwide employee volunteer initiative (Ericsson support) providing communications for disaster-relief operations and finally, deploys employees and technologies to support the UN and other humanitarian organizations for local communities around the world.
We are Global: We work in 175 countries with more than 80,000 employees. Ericsson headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden and the company is listed on OMX NASDAQ, Stockholm and NASDAQ New York. In 2009 the company has generated revenue of SEK 206.5 billion (USD 27.1 billion) in 2009.


The company operates in Greece as of 1960. Ericsson Hellas employs more than 280 highly educated employees and is the hub for the South East Mediterranean operations (Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Malta and Albania) where we have helped build and expand the telecom market, increasing thus these countries’ competitiveness and productivity and leading the way towards sustainable growth.
Particularly in Greece: Ericsson has the largest telecom market share, supplying innovative solutions and services to the largest telecom operators in the country –mobile and fixed telecommunications (OTE, Tellas, HoL, On Telecoms, Vivodi, Cosmote, Wind, Q-Telecom and Vodafone)– as well as the Metropolitan Area Networks’ infrastructure in large municipalities throughout the country. Having setup the first mobile networks in the country, Ericsson has contributed more than any other supplier in bringing the benefits of telecommunications to more Greek people, wherever they are and whenever they want to communicate for work, personal relations or simply for fun.
Next, ‘Smart Cities’: In tomorrow’s world, where broadband networks will be the backbone of our smart cities where not only people but also our homes, cars, hospitals and everything else around us will be connected, Ericsson is committed to continue working with our customers and partners and expanding the borders of telecommunications for the benefit of the citizens, the public administration, the environment and the society as a whole.
Our People, Our core Values: Our core values of respect, professionalism and perseverance are reflected in our workplace but also in the business we do with our customers and in our dealings with society. Our annual employee survey shows that 90% of our employees feel the company´s core values are relevant to them. This attitude contributes to our company culture. It is the one of the few things in place that Ericsson Hellas in 2010 has been awarded one of the Best Workplaces in the Greek market (in the top 10 of the category: +250 employees).
Memberships: Ericsson Hellas is corporate member of ALBA Educational Institute, Member of SEV and Hellenic Business Association.