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PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Air Conditioning: As an exclusive representative of HITACHI air conditioning products can provide utlimate solutions for domestic and industrial use. Product range can cover all applies either for direct expansion or big chiller units (homes, stores, buildings etc.). We can install and give full technical cover for errors and spare parts and also apply service contracts for them.


COMPANY : ABB AE, 13rd km of Athens-Lamia National Road, 144 52 Μetamorfossi, tel.: 210-2891500, fax: 210-2891629, Contact Person: Mr.Yiannis Kokkinidis


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Air Conditioning: Studies and construction of air-condition systems, air-condition of internal piscines.


COMPANY : SCANTECH LTD, 33, Himaras, 174 55 Alimos, tel.:210-9405964, fax:210-9400767


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Bearings, Lubricants, Belts, Industrial and Power Transmission Parts, Technical Support etc.

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Best market prices

COMPANY : KIRIAKOS HATZOPOULOS S.A., 131, El.Venizelou str., 142 31 Ν.Ιonia, tel.:210-2717092, fax:210-2771997, Contact Person: Mr.Angelos Tsouloufas


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Consulting: Business consulting services in formulating business development/strategy in the areas of Corporate Governance, Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales.


COMPANY : ΑΝGELIDES LTD, 7B, Vas.Pyrou str., 146 71 Ν.Εrythrea, tel.:210-6207519, fax:210-8075716


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Heating and energy systems for domestic, commercial & industrial applications.

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Special Discunts upon agreement

COMPANY : THERMOVENT HELLAS S.A, Alimou & 5 Metaxa, 174 55 Alimos, tel.: 210-9887400, fax:210-9827786, Contact Person: Mr. Elias Lefas


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Εditions Magazine GREECE 2010

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Discount 20% on pricelist prices for full page advertisements

COMPANY : C&L MEDIA, 46 Taygetou str. 173 43 Ag. Dimitrios, Athens Greece, tel.: 210-9713281, fax: 210-9767371, Contact Person: Mr.Leonidas Babanis



DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : 1. Free upgrade on car group based on availability, 2. Free additional driver

COMPANY : AUTOHELLAS HERTZ S.A, 31, Viltanioti str., 14564 Kifissia, Tel: +30 210-6264444, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mr. Emmanouil Chrysoulakis Tel:+30 210-6264404


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Hand and Garden tools

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Discount 50% from catalogue

COMPANY : BAHCO TOOLS HELLAS S.A, 604, Vouliagmenis Ave., 167 77 Elliniko,tel. 210-9914263, fax:210-9914587


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Hotels (Room rates-events)

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Single or double occupancy from 139 euro per room night. This is subject to the hotel's availability. For reservations please visit our website Booking code: C1J.


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Hotels (Room rates-events)

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Eιδική τιμή 20% έκπτωση από την τιμή πόρτας για μονόκλινο ή και δίκλινο. Λειτουργία από Μάιο έως Σεπτέμβριο.

COMPANY : ΑΕΟLOS BEACH HOTEL, ΦΟΛΕΓΑΝΔΡΟΣ ΚΥΚΛΑΔΕΣ, FOLEGANDROS 840 11, tel: 22860-41205, 210-9223819,, fax:22860-41336, 210-9235068


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Hotels (Room rates-events)

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Restautants Gallo Nero & St' Astra 20% discount


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Hygiene products and Baby daipers

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Discount checks by mail for Libero baby daipers and privileges of Libero Club

COMPANY : SCA HYGIENE PRODUCTS S.A, 1, Adrianou str., 142 34 Ν.Ιonia , tel.:210-2705700, fax: 210-2705754


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Import and commerce of handicap equipment and pysio-occupational therapy items

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Discount 15%, credit cards, instalments, checks

COMPANY : SCAN IDEAL GREEK-SWEDISH S.A., 28, Tzavela, 542 49 Thessaloniki , tel.: 2310-320151, fax:2310-320150


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : IT Technology, Hardware, Software: Computers, servers, H/Y products, cameras, consumer products etc.
Installation study for wireless-non wireless networks, switchboards
Total solution promotion packages (company publications, advertising material, web sites, multimedia CD ROM-DVD ROM, consulting services), software & special applications

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Discount 5% for products & services, Discount 10% for service contracts of Η/Υ and for consumer goods supply

COMPANY : PC4U TECH SOLUTIONS, 29 Mitsaki & Ag.Lavras, 114 41 Galatsi, tel: 210-2138051, fax: 210-2138071, Contact Person: Mr.Panagiotis Konstantopoulos


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Medical Cosmetics


COMPANY : DERMACEUTICALS TRADING LTD, 2, Hatziyianni Mexi str., 115 28 Athens, tel.:210-7214450, fax:210-7214470, Contact Person: Mrs. Eugenia Rizopoulou


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Outboard engines


COMPANY : PETROS PETROPOULOS S.A., 96, Iera Odos, 104 47 Athens, tel.: 210-3468915, fax:210-3473404


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Pumps-Fire Fighting Pumps, Booster, Pressure Tanks, Sewage Pumps, Drainage Pumps

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Discount 30% - Installments with credit cards

COMPANY : ELEBOR S.A., 17 Possidonos & 1-3 Pindou str. 180 44 Moschato, tel.: 210-9400006, fax 210-9400686, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,, Contact Person: Mr. Alexander Margaritis


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Aντισηπτικό Soapopular Συσκευασίες 100ml, 250ml, 550ml και τοίχου 1000ml

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Έκπτωση 60% από τη τιμή του καταλόγου χονδρικής

COMPANY : MTC HEALTHPACK LTD, 254, Charikaou Trikoupi str. 145 64 Kifissia, tel.: 210-8003114, fax: 210-8003115, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Service of boats, powered by Volvo Penta Engines

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : 10% on labor and 15% on genuine parts

COMPANY : ΑΔΕΛΦΟΙ ΣΑΡΑΚΑΚΗ ΑΕΒΕ, Λ. Αθηνών 71, 101 73 Αθήνα, Τηλ: 210-3488300, fax: 210-3467329, Υπεύθυνος: κ. Χρήστος Κανάκης 210-3483592


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Ανταλλακτικά/Επισκευές τούρμπο πλοίων, εργοστασίων, αντιπροσωπείες, καθαρισμός λαδιού υδραυλικών / κλειστών συστημάτων


COMPANY : TURBO GENERAL / EUROPAFILTER, 235, Λ. Ειρήνης 188 63 Πέραμα, Τηλ:210-4002725, Fax:210-4005709, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,, Υπεύθυνος: κ. Βασίλης Μ. Χρυσόπουλος


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Steel trade and heat treatment


COMPANY : STASSINOPOULOS UDDEHOLM S.A., 20, Athinon str., 185 40 Piraeus, tel.: 210-4172109, fax:210-4172767, Contact Person: Mr. G.Stassinopoulos



DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : 1. Free upgrade on car group based on availability, 2.Free additional driver

COMPANY : Autohellas Hertz S.A, 31, Viltanioti str. 14564 Kifissia, Tel:+30 210-6264032, Fax:+30 210-6264039, Mr. Emmanouil Chrysoulakis Emmanouil


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Translations and Secretarial Services


COMPANY : EL. TSERTSIDES & Co. Ο.Ε., 21, Vryaxidos str., 116 34 Pagrati, tel.: 210-7560926-7, 210-7562151, fax: 210-7562160, mob.: 694-9206611


PRODUCTS/SERVICES : Τravel Services in Greece and Abroad-Tickets

DISCOUNT/OTHER BENEFITS : Discount 5% to the prices of excursions described in our website page packages for Companies-Members of the Chamber

COMPANY : TRAVEL IDEA, 17, Akadimias str., 106 71 Athens, tel.: 210-3610222, fax: 210-3620600, Contact Person: Mr.Tassos Georgopoulos, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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