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ABB in Greece triumphs at Health & Safety Awards 2022

  • Health & Safety Awards reward companies that create and maintain safe and healthy workplaces
  • ABB won the prestigious “Occupational Health & Safety Team of the Year” award, as well as the award for the design, development and monitoring of the R&D management system at work.
  • Some of the categories in which ABB was distinguished are “Employees Involvement”, “Work H&S Training Program & Awareness Initiative ” and “Innovation in Occupational Health & Safety “

The Health & Safety Awards 2022 ceremony, which was organized by Boussias Communications under the auspices of the Hellenic Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, took place on May 30 at the Wine Museum in Pallini. The ceremony was also attended by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis.

The purpose of the awards is to highlight and reward those companies that create and maintain safe and healthy workplaces, as well as those that innovate and invest with a sense of responsibility in human resources. In addition, companies that excel in providing services and technologies that help reduce accidents and illness in the workplace are rewarded.

ABB was one of the big winners of the event, after winning the prestigious “Occupational Health & Safety Team of the Year” award, as the best team in the field of Health and Safety at work.

ABB was also honored with the Gold Award in the categories of “Effective Employees Involvement”, “Work H&S Training Program & Awareness Initiative” and “Innovation in Occupational Health & Safety”, while receiving a Silver Award in the categories “Healthy & Safe Workplace” and “Guest Management” (Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19).

Last but not least, the company won the award in the category “Other Industries” (Manufacturing), for outstanding achievements in the design, development and monitoring of the Health & Safety management system at ABB SA.

“We are so proud of our distinctions at the Health & Safety Awards, as they are a recognition of our efforts. But we do not rest on our laurels, because the field of health and safety at work requires daily and focused work, as well as constant team effort. At ABB we recognize that our employees are the driving force behind everything we do. We all share the same vision and the same values ​​and we constantly inspire each other towards business excellence. Our main goal is everyone who works at ABB to be and feel safe, every single day. This is not only a moral obligation, but it is also vital to our long-term success.” said Apostolos Petropoulos, CEO of ABB Greece.

Effective employee participation through training and awareness raising

ABB encourages its employees to be effectively involved in the management of OSH (Occupational Health and Safety) issues and seeks their opinion in the decision-making process, creating a climate of trust. Eliminating unsafe conditions and sources of risk, submitting improvement proposals and complaints, the HSE Annual Satisfaction Survey, Safety Observation Tours and regular in-house meetings, enhance employee commitment and awareness. In addition, employees are required to attend specific OSH training, both during their recruitment and during their ABB career.

On the occasion of the distinctions awarded to ABB Greece at the Health & Safety Awards 2022, Konstantinos Athanasiou, HSE Manager Greece & Cyprus at ABB S.A., was hosted by OPENTV “Hour of Greece”, on Monday 06 June 2022.

Watch the full interview on YouTube

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