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Ioannis Filiotis,
Member of the BoD of Petros Petropoulos AEBE


Ioannis Dionysios N. Filotis was a pupil of Athens College. He is a graduate of the Law University of Athens and has been a member of the Athens Bar Association and lawyer at the Areios Pagos (Supreme Court of Greece) since 1970 and 1980 respectively. He is also a member of the Greek Arbitration Association and a member of the Association of Greek Economists. He was a member of the Special Legislative Drafting Committee for the drafting of executive laws in the 1974 Constitution in the period 1975-1980. He was a Special (Legal) Consultant of the Organising Consultant of ERGOSE and the Consultant for the execution of projects in the Attic Basin during Stefanos Manos’ period at the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works. He is a member of the Lampadarios & Associates Law Firm based in Athens. Since 1998 has been a non -executive member of the Board of Directors of Petros Petropoulos AEBE.