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John Peter Grant,
Alexander Grant-Frilingos


John is an Englishman who has lived and worked in Greece for more than 30 years in various commercial roles within the field of medical technology. He was for many years Sales Manager at Philips Hellas Medical Systems for MRI, CT and Radiotherapy followed by a long period as Managing Director of Elekta Hellas where he successfully promoted the company’s products, clinical solutions and services for the treatment of cancer and brain disorders for patients in Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Malta. John’s more recent commercial roles include Sales Director at AdoLab SA which hosts high-tech companies specializing in advanced oncology solutions such as those of the Swedish company Micropos Medical for enhanced radiotherapy treatments of cancer. John formerly worked as a research scientist at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory investigating novel techniques for the non-invasive identification and characterization of biological tissues. John qualified with a PhD in Medical Physics from the University of Surrey, UK, and is married to Katerina, a Greek national who is also a physicist and with whom they have two sons. As a bilingual philhellene John enjoys the opportunities provided by his work to explain the rationale behind Greece’s position on a range of national and international issues.

John Peter Grant