Member Elias Lefas

Elias is Greek-Swede, born in 1977 in Sweden. He studied BEng Mechanical Engineering and Management at the University of Bradford and MSc Sustainable Energy Engineering at KTH Royal Polytechnic in Stockholm.

He is a co-owner of Thermovent Hellas SA, which established in 1978 importing mainly from Sweden and other Scandinavian countries and distributing in Greece and Cyprus heating, cooling, ventilation and energy saving systems for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings and applications. He has been a member of the Board in the Union of Hellenic Heating Enterprises (UHHE) and is a member of the Board at the Hellenic-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (HSCC).

Elias is married and father of two daughters. He is a passionate photographer and ski mountaineer with various climbs and expeditions across the Alps and Himalayas.