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Address: Thessaloniki Papadimitriou 30, PA 55131 Sfikia Imathias PA 59132 Athens -Peiraias Evrou 9 Mosxato, PA 18345



Contact Person: Mr. Markos Argyriadis

Activities: Walnuts, Exports


LEVAY is a dynamically rising agri-food enterprise in Greece, where we cultivate walnuts since 2015. We have chosen to cultivate two varieties of walnuts, with the best quality characteristics; the “Chandler” variety from California and the French variety “Lara.

Our goal is to achieve and provide, with nature’s contribution, a high-quality product, just like our way of life in general.


Place of production and quality

Our farms are located in the village Sfikia, in Imathia, in the region of Central Macedonia, Greece. One can find us on the west side of the Pieria Mountains, at an altitude of 650m, 76km northwest of (the mythical) Mount Olympus. Overall, Sfikia is an ideal natural environment for the development of our walnut trees, far away from any kind of pollutants and industrial areas, in a wonderful and balanced Mediterranean climate, with unique air quality and fertile soil.




  • Shelled walnuts
  • walnut kernel in 1/2 format


  • our production capabilities are estimated 15t-20t of Shelled walnuts per year.



A safe ecosystem provides safe products

Cultivation mode- processing.

We cultivate and care for our walnut fields with ecological consciousness, by using the most appropriate methods of modern agriculture and strict adherence to European regulations. We respect the environment, as well as human health, under the supervision of our scientific collaborators, Agricultural, Food and Nutrition Chemists. Consequently, the entire production and processing chain is responsibly supervised, to ensure both the quality of our products and the safety of the consumer.

Walnut processing unit 

For the optimal and autonomous operation of our company, we created our own walnut processing unit in 2021. How it works? Immediately after harvesting, the walnuts are transported to our processing area, where they are rinsed and peeled in the nut sheller. Immediately after, they are placed in the dryer. Finally the dried walnuts are packed and stored in a appropriate room. This way, we protect the quality of the walnuts, by immediately starting the processing, while at the same time minimizing their stay in the field. By creating this integrated production chain, we are able to offer high quality services as we have full control and responsibility of the final product.



As of 14-01-2022 Our company “LEVAY” has developed and implemented a Quality Management System (QMS), which uses ISO 9001: 2015 as a framework that allows the company to document and improve practices in order to better meet the needs and expectations of customers, stakeholders and interested parties. Also we introduce in our productivity chain the ISO 45001: 2018 certification system. In addition, our organization is a member of the international network of certified companies IQNet.



  • Really tasty walnuts, in both varieties we produce
  • Produced with ISO and full supervision by experts
  • Autonomous processing unit
  • at least 15 tons of shelled walnuts per year
  • the products sold by us are exempt