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Maria Boura Business Consultancy Services

Contact Person: Maria Boura

Activities: Consultancy, Strategy, Leadership, 5G

Maria Boura Business Consultancy Services is a boutique Business Consulting practice which focuses on providing Executive Advise to leaders from any industry, on three key areas where I feel I can make the difference: Strategy, Leadership, 5G & beyond.

The company was established in 2022 and it builds on decades of international experience in senior leadership roles in the ICT industry, as well as on my experience as a co-founder and active board member of the Women Leadership Hub organization.

Maria Boura Business Consultancy Services aims to support decision makers in their Strategic Planning, help improve their Leadership skills and/or advice on Technology matters related to 5G & beyond, as the need maybe. Accountability, Respect, Honesty and Justice are my guiding principles, while I am a strong believer in openly sharing experience and expertise with others in order to help build a better world for everyone.