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Address: Box 1408 701 14 Örebro



Contact Person: Stephen Adgemis /

Activities: Telemedicine, Digital Health

  • Who we are

o             Swedish Care is a venture builder from Sweden bringing digital care to new markets. We investigate whitespace markets to understand market potential, regulatory dynamics and competition. We provide hands-on support, access to capital, and cross border insight.

o             We are in the establishment phase in Greece at the moment building up operations and adopting our product to the greek market.

  • What we do

o             Swedish Care brings proven concepts for digital first primary care to new markets. We have built our own platform and deliver digital solutions to improve healthcare access and efficiency so more people can be cared for. We are a corporate group that combines access to funding with a proven healthcare delivery model, a product built to scale and operational expertise. We scout attractive market opportunities to establish high-growth healthcare companies delivering on-demand digital care.

o             We are today established in Turkey where we are in a strong position to be the telehealth leader. We are partnering with Tez Medikal´s, Turkey’s largest occupational health and safety company, who also will sell our product to their client´s customer through B2B and B2B2C. Medical operations are secured, allowing us to offer 24/7 service.

  • How we do it

o             On-demand digital-first primary care is proven to increase healthcare access and efficiency, demonstrated by Sweden´s physical-to-digital shift healthcare the last 7-8 year. Markets across the globe are struggling with the same problem of too few doctors and a growing healthcare need. These whitespace markets  are on a similar path and we believe our solutions are an important component of their healthcare transformation journeys.

o             We have built our own platform in a way we can scale over more markets. It is built after nordic models that have proven to increase healthcare efficiency and doctor productivity.