Central Office: Location Mandra Stamou, 19 300 Aspropyrgos, Athens
Tel: (30) 211 10 49 700, Fax: (30) 211 10 49 710, email:

Branch Office: Area A’ KTEO 3rd Cross Str. Kanari, 570 09 Kalochori Thessaloniki
Tel: (30) 2310 75 32 60-63, Fax: (30) 2310 753264, email:

Combitrans Hellas had been established in June 1990 with a head office in Athens as a subsidiary company of Combitrans Sweden AB. on October 1990 a branch office in Thessaloniki had also been established.

Our terminal 3200 m2 in Athens and 2000 m2 in Thessaloniki are well organized to undertake warehousing, logistics services, able to coordinate projects according to clients needs.

We handle and coordinate project transport, and have access to specialist units for refrigerated and frozen goods, heavy goods and goods which exceed the dimensions of the lorry. The vast majority of transport runs are GPS-monitored and our trailers are specially-equipped to handle assignments with maximum safety requirements.

Our current operations are:

  • International road haulage services for single consignments, as well as full and part loads to/from Scandinavian countries, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Balkan countries, Israel, Egypt.
  • Warehousing and logistic services. Collection sorting and distribution of shipments. Established knowledge and contacts give an immediate cost advantage.
  • Domestic transports for full/groupage loads to/from Cyprus, Greek islands and mainland.
  • Site deliveries.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Express services.
  • Insured shipments.
  • Well organized airfreight / shipping department.

An experienced team controls the administration of your goods and is able to undertake any kind of cargo that may need special handling, with respect to the customer and loyalty to our commitments.

We are always willing to do whatever it takes to exceed the customer’s demands!

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