Scytales AB

Scytáles AB, founded in January 2015, is an IT security company based in Täby (Stockholm) and organized with the subsidiary Scytáles Inc in Boston (Massachusetts) in the USA and affiliated companies and branches in the countries Greece, Portugal, Italy and Chile.

Since the start, the company is global leader in the area and has developed ground-breaking software within several standards for issuing different types of mobile IDs and validating these over the counter, person to person and over the Web in real time in on-line and off-line modes, based on ISO 18013-5, ISO 18013-7 etc with full global interoperability.

In recent years, the company has developed the new digital wallet (Wallet) and has been involved in developing new technologies within Open ID Connect (OIDC) – Verifiable Credentials (VC), the technologies OIDC4VP and OIDC4VCI as well as SiOPv2 (Application to Application Communication – “Same Device ” in the mobile phone. The latter means that “computing” takes place inside the user’s phone and validation is not done over the counter, person-to-person or over the web.

The company is working on several vertical markets as per: Road Administration/Transport, Health Care, Governments/European Union and private industry among others.

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