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Sweden Invited to Invest In Greece

Speaking during the 1st Greece-Sweden Business Forum, Mrs. Kefalogianni informed Swedish entrepreneurs that tourism in Greece has entered a growth trajectory due to major changes made over the past two years. “The reforms have radically changed the picture and created conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and investment,” the Minister of Tourism said and informed that Greece has simplified licensing procedures for investments, modified the special zoning plan for tourism and created new products.”

“The Ministry of Tourism, the Greek government, formulate conditions for economic growth in a creative environment and with close cooperation. You, the business world, are invited to take advantage of the opportunities that exist for everyone’s benefit: entrepreneurship, the Greek economy and society,” she added.

Greece is becoming a favorite tourism destination among Swedish tourists. Last year, 368,834 Swedes visited Greece, against 319,756 in 2012, registering an increase of 15.3 percent.

According to the Minister of Tourism, a 93.5 percent increase of Swedish arrivals to Greece has been recorded in 2014 as 8,795 Swedes visited the country during the first quarter of the year, compared to 4,546 tourists in the corresponding period in 2013.