About HSCC

Founded in 1991, The HSCC is the preeminent Swedish-Hellenic organization dedicated to the promotion, advancement, and protection of direct commercial relations between Greece and Sweden. HSCC is one of the most active and influential Greek bilateral chambers of commerce, governed by a nine-member Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly. It is a dynamic business organization providing crucial support to Swedish and Greek companies, as well as individuals, and producing celebrated events that enhances the Hellenic-Swedish relations in the economic and business field.

HSCC is an affiliated member of the Association of Swedish Chambers of Commerce Abroad and has close connections to the Swedish and the Greek Embassies in Athens and Stockholm, has partnered with both the Invest in Greece and Business Sweden agencies and has strong links with literally all official Trade and Industry organizations in both countries. It has an extensive and impressive network and few can provide the same set of services ranging from the high-caliber events to professional consulting assignments assisting clients exploring or expanding in Greece and Sweden. Through the years HSCC has successfully promoted the growth of trade and investment between the two countries becoming a reliable point of reference for both business communities.

By leveraging its vast network and over 15 years of experience, the HSCC is well-positioned to help facilitate a venture of any size and complexity.

Please find here Chamber’s Basic Principles of Business Ethics.