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8th Business Forum Greece-Sweden: A New Business Environment is Emerging

We are thrilled to announce the successful culmination of the 8th Business Forum, a collaborative effort between the Hellenic-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Sweden in Athens.

A remarkable event filled with enlightening discussions, insightful perspectives and valuable connections.  A warm welcome speech given by President, Rania Patsiopoulos, stating how HSCC encapsulates the spirit of innovation & collaboration between business and government representatives from both countries.

Our gratitude goes out to our esteemed speakers and expert panel moderators who made this forum truly exceptional. Together, we explored a diverse range of topics, delving into the realms of geopolitics, energy, supply chain crisis and artificial intelligence. Their expertise illuminated new pathways for growth and innovation, sparking engaging conversations that left a lasting impact on all.

A special highlight of the evening was Mr. Konstantinos Kyranakis, Deputy Minister of Digital Governance, whose keynote address focused on the synergies between Hellenic and Swedish enterprises. His insightful words encouraged collaboration and highlighted endless possibilities for cooperation with the ministry, setting a promising tone for future ventures.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our esteemed speakers: Anders Ahnlid, Nikos Tsafos, Nikos Vettas, Lars Mårtensson, Michael Chatzigakis, Costas Balaras, Vassilios Th. Bekas, Stefan Parkvall and Johnny Stieger!

Additionally, our gratitude goes to our expert moderators, Vassilis Antoniades, Costas Theofylaktos and Maria Boura who skillfully guided the discussions, ensuring enriching and meaningful dialogues.

A special acknowledgment to Maria Boura, who served as expert moderator as well as the Forum’s General Moderator.

We owe a significant debt of gratitude to the Embassy of Sweden in Athens and, particularly, to H.E. Johan Borgstam, Ambassador of Sweden in Athens, for their invaluable support and cooperation.

Furthermore, we express our deepest appreciation to our sponsors: Ericsson, IKEA, SKF Group, Saracakis Group of Companies, Electrolux, ABB, Bekas & Associates Law Offices, Combitrans, AstraZeneca and Alfa Laval. Your support was pivotal in bringing this event to fruition.

As we reflect on this successful edition, we eagerly anticipate the 9th Business Forum next year. Together continue to explore new horizons and foster collaborations.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this outstanding event!

You can watch the Sessions through the link: